Takeuchi Shunsuke

Takeuchi Shunsuke
(武内 駿輔)
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Personal Information
Birthday September 12, 1997 (age 24)
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Nickname Takeuchi-kun (武内くん), Takeuchi P (武内P)
Height 174 cm (5 ft 8.5 in)
Professional Information
Agency 81 Produce
Debut Year 2013
Status Active
Social Medias
Agency Profile Takeuchi Shunsuke @81 Produce

Takeuchi Shunsuke (武内 駿輔, born September 12, 1997) is a Japanese seiyuu and singer from Tokyo. He also goes by the alias Jack Westwood for the music duo AMADEUS (2018+) with musician/rapper Lotus Juice. In 2016, he won Best Rookie Actor at the 10th Seiyuu Awards along side Murase Ayumu and Umehara Yuichiro.

Music career

He is a member of the KING OF PRISM ALL STARS (2020+) related to the King of Prism (2016+) part of the Pretty Rhythm (2010+) game and anime franchise. He is a member of the seiyuu idol unit QUELL (2016+) related to the Tsukipro mixed media project. He was a member of the seiyuu idol unit Clarity (2017 to 2020) related to the mobile game Anidol Colors (アニドルカラーズ; 2017+).

Anime roles

Main roles

  • Harumi Takeda in My Senpai is Annoying (2021)
  • Ryūgo Hijikata in Megaton-kyū Musashi (2021)
  • Makoto Suzuki in Chibi Revenger (2021 shorts)
  • Shinji Date in Burning Kabaddi (2021)
  • Jūza Hyōdō in A3! (Season Spring & Summer 2020, Season Autumn & Winter 2020)
  • Brawler in Akudama Drive (2020)
  • Zack Walker in Astra: Lost in Space (2019)
  • Emperor in Bakumatsu (2018, Crisis S2 2019)
  • Shōgo Satake in Caligula (2018)
  • Shū Izumi in Tsukipro The Animation (2017, 2 S2 2021)
  • Ryoken "Revolver, Varis" Kogami in Yu☆Gi☆Oh! VRAINS (2017)
  • Morta in Dream Kingdom and 100 Sleeping Princes: Short Stories (ONA 2017 shorts)
  • Xi "Tanmoku Ki" Duanmu in Spiritpact (2016, Bond of the Underworld S2 2018)
  • Deathgeld in Bikini Warriors (2015)
  • Producer "P" in The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (S1 & S2 2015)

Notable supporting roles

  • Tatsuto Tatsunuma in Tribe Nine (2022)
  • Makoto Suzuki in Tokyo Revengers (2021)

Other roles

  • Kentarō Kyotani in Haikyuu!! (S2 2015)


  • Is a fan of Heath Ledger.

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